Thursday, April 5

Good Bye Cantebury Love

I remember the moment
I knew I loved you.
It was a moment that I did not capture in a photograph, but it is indelibly etched into my heart; such precious spiritual moments are rare enough.
Cantebury's Coffeeshop was fairly busy that day. The sun streamed into windows. I sat with my coffee, blowing off the steam. As I blew, you sat down across from me.  You were telling me something significant at the time, but I do not remember your words.  The noise of the store became a background hum as the piped Renaissance music lilted through the air.  

I remember,
you tossed your hair
as you crossed your legs and
sipped your hot Chai tea.

I was,
at that moment,
completely smitten. 

Instead of an acquaintance that was becoming a good friend, you glistened like a pearl of great price, sparkled like a precious gem on some routine jewelry that when noticed consumes the attention so that everything else fades into the background.

Its beauty only glows and grows,
until it becomes the source
of light in any room.

Everytime I sat across from you,
for the years that followed,
I smiled
(if you take the time to remember every time, you will see my smile).

I smiled
as I saw that same pearl and gem
through your eyes
from your heart.

I attempted to get a photograph of that glow, that dazzling charm, that enticing and spiritual light. Several times, I almost caught it.

I always knew you were a gift to my lonely life and a companion for my journey. 
You had to leave for a while
shortly after that Cantebury afternoon.
When you returned, I knew I could not give you much,
but I did promise my heart and an adventure.

And years later, I am still smitten by 
that glistening pearl and
sparkling gem of your heart
that you were
that you are
that you will always be
to me.

I love you and will always love you
You no longer sit across from me
I will miss being in the presence of that Cantebury love
but the memory of that love
I discovered that afternoon
will endure

(photos and words by JBP April 5, 2012)

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