Thursday, June 30

O Lord heal my heart

O Lord heal my heart that I may feel loved - clear the cries from my throat that I may praise Your wondrous good gifts in my life just beyond the veil of my tears. O Lord defeat the enemies of my existence both within and without that seek to take me from Your ways - let them not fill me with death and defeat and despair so that I am immobilized, nor fill my limbs with the heaviness of lonliness, nor fill my heart with the tears of abandonment. Show them O Lord how You will help Your servant out of the pits, how You will cover me under Your gentle wings so that I can be filled with the light of Your love and move me from the brink of harm, pain and woundedness. Show the enemies of Your servants how You heal Your servants and enable them for Your work and how You are a constant help in their hours and days of weaknesses. Lift me up above the caves of sorrow, so hollow, so empty. Help me get through the darkness. Help me O Lord for Your promises are great for those that love You. You lend Your strength, Your goodness, Your love to those in need when they ask. If there is anything that I have done that has taken me from Your holy and true ways, restore me and forgive me, treat me according to Your gentleness and Your mercy. Make my heart light and filled with love once again.

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